Episode #11 – A mentor and leader for Peace, Security and feminism: Ruth Ojiembo Ochieng

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Ruth Ojiembo Ochieng

Introducing: A mentor and leader for Peace, Security, and Feminism: Ruth Ojiembo Ochieng

Episode Description:

Welcome to Grandmothers on the Move! I’m your host, Ilana Landsberg-Lewis. Today, a great pleasure and honor! A conversation with Ruth Ojiembo Ochieng, a respected leader in the peace and security architecture in Africa. A dedicated and effective advocate for women’s human rights, Ruth was the Executive Director of Isis-WICCE in Uganda, which advocates for women’s rights in 50 countries through training and skills building, documenting women’s realities, and lobbying governments. Ruth is a member of the International Coordinating Committee of Women’s Human Rights Defenders, an advisory member of the Women’s Initiative for Gender Justice in the Hague, and amongst other things, works with the Stephen Lewis Foundation building relationships with grassroots partner organizations at the frontlines of the AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa.

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