EPISODE #24 – A Powerful Testament – the Personal IS Political!

Episode 24 . 00:00

Dr. Peggy Antrobus

 A Powerful Testament – the Personal IS Political!

Episode Description:

A Powerful Testament – the Personal IS Political. I am still thinking about all of the rich insights that Peggy Antrobus shared… a glimpse into a remarkable lifetime of principled, feminist, and transformative leadership and activism awaits you in this inspiring conversation! .. and deeply moving reflections on how tremendously difficult personal experiences have informed her life in the struggle for gender justice. Dr. Peggy Antrobus has been working on women’s rights, economic rights and analysis, building movements, founding feminist institutions, overcoming colonialism… connecting the dots, and understanding the necessity of intersectionality in social justice work for decades. I am excited to share this conversation with one of my heroes with all of you! 

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