EPISODE #38 – Bringing Spiderwoman to Life!

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Gloria Miguel

Bringing Spiderwoman to Life!

Episode Description:

Grandmothers on the Move Podcast Episode 38: BRINGING SPIDERWOMAN TO LIFE!  A remarkable story and a remarkable grandmother – Gloria Miguel founded the world-celebrated Spiderwoman Theatre with her sisters in 1975, and has spent her life creating and performing.  From joining her family in the colonial ‘Native side shows” next to the “freak shows” in the U.S. – to creating plays about the First Nations Missing and Murdered Women (Material Witness is on tour now), she has had a prolific and transformative life in the theatre.   At 92 years of age Gloria is still going strong, and shares with great humor and frankness the challenges she overcomes to continue.  “I am still here… performing, loving, living, dancing – and I think it’s all because of the theatre”.  Honest and deeply reflective, it was a joy and a privilege to hear what Gayle has to share.

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