EPISODE #62 – Dr. Rochon: Women’s Age Lab, A Global First!

Episode 62 . 36:38

Dr. Rochon: Women’s Age Lab, A Global First!

Episode Description:

Join me for a conversation with the founding Director of the truly necessary, innovative, and exciting Women’s Age Lab! The first and only centre of its kind in the world!  Women’s Age Lab at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto, Canada is a space dedicated to science-driven system and social change that will improve the lives of older women.  A place focused on supporting the healthy aging of women by reimagining a system and society where older women and their distinct well-being and health needs are recognized and addressed.  Let’s hope this excellent institute inspires many others

Check out the website for Women’s Age Lab – where you can keep up to date with their ongoing, exciting work.

Follow them on Twitter at @WCHospital @RochonPaula

And join the Virtual Workshop Series – still some left – on Digital Literacy! Details and links can be found on their website! https://www.womensresearch.ca/womens-age-lab/

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