EPISODE #63 – Aundra Willis Carrasco: Writing the Untold Story of Her Brother’s Place in History

Episode 63 . 46:41

Aundra Willis Carrasco

Aundra Willis Carrasco: Writing the Untold Story of Her Brother’s Place in History

When the echoes of jazz legends still rumbled through Cleveland, a determined young man named Winston Willis carved out a slice of American history. His remarkable sister, Aundra, joins me to share a riveting tale of triumph and tragedy, as she unveils the story of her brother’s rise and fall in her new book:  “Winston Willis: A Memoir”.  From the grooves of a vibrant jazz scene to the chilling grip of systemic racism, Aundra guides us through the heart of a metropolis where her brother soared to the heights of entrepreneurship. And then..

Aundra recounts the David-and-Goliath battle her brother waged against the discriminatory systems – a fight that symbolizes the broader struggle faced by countless African American entrepreneurs and landowners.  Aundra’s searing, humorous, and courageous account is a sobering reminder of the tenacity required to challenge the deep-seated racism of the day.

There’s a deeply human story woven throughout, as Aundra opens up about her family’s intimate connection to the civil rights movement. From receiving a letter from Martin Luther King Jr. to meeting Muhammad Ali, this episode is a testament to the strength of family bonds in the face of adversity.  Aundra’s own reflections on aging and the precious act of storytelling by our Elders, to underscore the importance of giving voice to those who lived—and thrived—through pivotal moments in history, ensuring their legacies are not lost to time.  Join us for an episode that not only honors the past but also ignites a conversation about the future, a chorus of jazz and justice resonating for generations to come.

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