Episode #19 – Exploding the traditional notions of ‘grandmothers’

Episode 19 . 00:00

Dorrie Jacobson and Ieda Jonasdottir Herman

Exploding the traditional notions of ‘grandmothers’

Episode Description:

Grandmothers on the Move – In this episode I speak to two women who really challenge the notion of ‘grandmother’ in completely different ways! Dorrie Jacobson, “mature fashionista” of the Senior Style Bible and I talk about her objection to the label ‘grandmother’, and my determination to reclaim it! Ieda Jonasdottir Herman is an adventurer extraordinaire – amongst other pursuits, paragliding with the Seagulls at 93 in her native Iceland, and author of Growing Up Viking: Fond Memories of Iceland! Join us as we explore traditional notions of grandmothers and in the process, explode them!

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