EPISODE #37 – Grandma, Did You Save Any Dolphins Today?

Episode 37 . 00:00

Barbara Napoles

Grandma, Did You Save Any Dolphins Today?

Episode Description:

Grandmothers on the Move Podcast Episode 37:  Grandma, Did You Save Any Dolphins Today?  Barbara Napoles – moved from the agony of the loss of her daughter to passionate advocacy to save dolphins and fight their captivity.  She cares deeply about our oceans, the life in them, and how it affects the planet.  Her message rings out: “I just want to do something so that when my grandchildren are adults… they have the tools and continue fighting…this is just the beginning. Help the world because your grandchildren and your children’s children’s children are going to be living here. You may not see the destruction of the world, but it’s coming if we don’t do something”.

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