EPISODE #4 – Grandmothers’ Activism: Strength Beyond Measure

Episode 4 . 32:42

Indai Sajor

Grandmothers’ Activism: Strength Beyond Measure

Episode Description:

Hi, I’m Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, your host of “Wisdom at Work”, the podcast that kicks old stereotypes to the curb! Come meet these creative, outrageous, authentic, adventurous, irreverent and powerful Disrupters and Influencers. In this episode, I have the great pleasure of speaking to a lifelong activist and champion of women’s human rights, particularly in the context of armed conflict. Indai Sajor shares the story of her work with respect for the courage and fortitude of the ‘Comfort Women’, the need for grandmothers to reconstruct history to include their critical roles, and the strength of activism in the age of Grandmotherhood.

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