EPISODE #5 – Grandmothers for Repeal – Abortion rights in Ireland

Episode 5 . 27:49

Carol Hunter

Grandmothers for Repeal – Abortion rights in Ireland

Episode Description:

Welcome to Wisdom at Work! I’m your host, Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, and today, I have the great pleasure to bring you the insights, activism and passion of Carol Hunter – the grandmother behind Grandparents 4Repeal in Ireland. Truly Influencers – the group played an important role in the Irish referendum, that resulted, on May 25, 2018, in the repeal of the Eight Amendment to the Constitution, and, in doing so, made abortion legal. Over a million people voted, and after a tough campaign, the referendum passed overwhelmingly to repeal the constitutional ban on abortion – with 67% voting YES to repeal! Hear how one grandmother decided to launch a campaign for grandparents to join in the struggle, using social media, conversation, information, and determination for change.

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