EPISODE #65: Louise Lamothe, Reflections and resonance: from healing, to the dancing lens and bringing colour to colour-less spaces

Episode #65 . 46:39

Join me for an intimate conversation with Louise Lamothe, a Swampy Cree grandmother and great-grandmother,  whose story is a testament to the healing journeys and deep insights older women and Indigenous ways of knowing and being have to teach us.  There is so much to learn from Louise, as she shares stories of her work as a palliative care nurse around the world, integrating Indigenous practices to nurture spaces of compassion and reciprocity.  Her profound wisdom on ceremony, connection, and respect for the land offers invaluable lessons on bridging gaps created by historical trauma from colonial harms, and creating the possibility of healing.

Louise’s travels alongside the many lives of those she has touched, whether in palliative care, or the study and practice of Indigenized expressive arts therapy, and the reflections she shares are deeply moving explorations of love, loss, reclamation, and the enduring healing power of older women’s wisdom for all of us, now and into the future. 


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