EPISODE #64: Hendrica Okondo: Reflections on history, power and generations of feminist resilience

Episode #64 . 43:06

This week, I had the honour of sitting down with Hendrica Okondo, a natural storyteller who makes the phrase ‘living memory’ resonate, with insight and humour.  Hendrica paints a vivid picture of colonial Kenya and independence, with economic and scientific insights and stories that challenge and delight.  Her stories of the women in her family, her studies, and work through the years are not just heartwarming tales, but lessons in subtle and overt forms of power, and feminism(s) that ripple through generations.  From indomitable familial matriarchs  (and supportive male figures), to the dichotomies of Catholic observance and her mother’s brewing business, don’t miss this vibrant journey with Hendrica – from the Beijing women’s conference to the contemporary mentorship of young feminists.  This episode is a tribute to the continuity we gain from Elderwomen in our movements and communities – and critical importance of women’s voices and agency, an intimate narrative highlighting the profound impact of each generation’s experience of oppressive systems, and the nurturing of resilience and equality.  

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