EPISODE #23 – Nothing About Us Without Us!

Episode 23 . 00:00

Zodwa Ndlovu

Nothing About Us Without Us!

Episode Description:

NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US! Mama Zodwa Ndlovu is a force of nature.  Hear her story of breathtaking grief and titanic strength and determination. She has triumphed over adversity, and become a leader in her community, and one of the organizers of the growing South African Grandmothers Movement. Grandmothers who lost some or all of their adult children to AIDS, raising millions of children orphaned by AIDS are standing up and demanding their human rights, and a seat at the table where decisions are being made that have a direct impact on their lives! Here is a FIRST conversation in a series to come where African Grandmothers talk about the resilience, indomitability, and love they draw on to deal with the ravages of AIDS. If you want to learn more about the Campaign (and how to join) in support of these remarkable African grandmothers, listen to Grandmothers on the Move Episodes #7 and #17 Grandmothers Rocking Solidarity, not Charity Parts I and II) 

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