EPISODE #40 – “Senior Ladies Living Together” – it just makes sense!

Episode 40 . 25:22

Pat Dunn

“Senior Ladies Living Together” – it just makes sense!

Episode Description:

Grandmothers on the Move, Episode 40: Senior Ladies Living Together – It Just Makes Sense!  Hear Pat Dunn talk about the housing crisis for older women and grandmothers, and how precarious housing can be dire and tremendously stressful. Pat found herself in a housing predicament, and decided to do something about it! Her search for community and housemates has led to an FB phenomenon – and a creative and powerful response to the lack of affordable housing for older women. From an FB page to a growing movement of women seeking creative alternatives, Pat has tapped into an urgent need and a passion to do something about it. I promise by the end of this conversation, you’ll want to add your voice to the chorus clamoring for sister chapters of Senior Ladies Living Together…and find yourself joining Pat (and me!) to ask the question: Who is going to step up NOW and provide the much-needed funding?!

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