EPISODE #30A – Extended interview with Kristen Hawkes (36 minutes)

Episode 30A . 00:00

Dr. Kristen Hawkes

Extended interview with Kristen Hawkes (36 minutes)

Episode Description:

Welcome to Grandmothers on the Move! I’m your host, Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, and today I have the great honor to speak with Dr. Kristen Hawkes, the brilliant originator of THE GRANDMOTHER HYPOTHESIS: How Grandmothers Played a pivotal role in the Evolution and Very Continuation of our Species. What we’ve always suspected!  Here is a scientific, anthropological, and deeply fascinating hypothesis… deeply satisfying too! 
This is the extended version of the interview – a longer, much more in-depth discussion that anthropology, ethnography, and evolutionary biology buffs will find worth listening to!  

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