EPISODE #29 – “This Granny is not ashamed to put herself out there”!

Episode 29 . 00:00

Audrey Cooke

“This Granny is not ashamed to put herself out there”!

Episode Description:

Audrey Cooke, originally from Singapore, and in Australia now for 50 years, is a social justice dynamo! She is the personification of having the courage of one’s convictions. Whether taking action to oppose the building of the Adani Mine or advocating for the rights of refugee children in detention, her passion and humor are infectious. Every other phrase from Audrey is the steely determination with an impish chuckle, “This granny is not ashamed to put herself out there”, “It’s my time to Rebel!”, “I’m gearing up to go out again and put my body on the line”, “Instead of knitting and watching a soapy (soap opera), I go out and do things that benefit others”.  Audrey has a message for every one of us, and I know you are going to feel as uplifted by her perseverance and vision as I did at the end of this conversation!

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