EPISODE #55 – World Read Aloud Day, Part 2

Episode 55 . 30:01

Dr. Karen Burke

World Read Aloud Day, Part 2

Episode Description:

World Read Aloud Day – The “3Ps” of Reading: Pleasure, Passion, and Power for Transformation.  Punctuate this important day with two advocates championing the critical importance of storytelling, reading and reading aloud, the right to literacy, and the powerful impact of sharing the joy of reading and books with children! Dr. Karen Burke of Scholastic Books, and Malcolm Mitchell – famous for football, beloved for his books, and sharing his discovery of reading as his “greatest achievement” – determined now to share it! Two people devoted to literacy, children, and making every day a celebration of the transformative power of reading… one a grandmother, and one ‘channeling his inner grandmother’ 
Part 1: Malcolm Mitchell

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